Newsletter Ozanam Network N ° 2 – July 2017 Edition


Annual Meeting of the SSVP International Council General

Paris, June 13 – 18, 2017

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Ella Bitar, president of SSVP Lebanon and ITVP (International Territorial Vice Presidents) for Middle East and North Africa attended the Annual Meeting of the SSVP ICG among 75 other SSVP members (Executive committee of the National Board, ITVPs and their coordinators).
Brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th International President of SSVP, gave an opening message sharing the motto of the CGI Leadership, quoting Jesus: "Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all."

Such meetings happen once a year where SSVP Officials gather and share updates and latest news happening each at his own region. The purpose is to maintain the network of charity initiated by Blessed Frederic Ozanam, principal founder of the SSVP.

After that the new ITVPs were appointed and awarded the official/symbolic CGI Pins, each had the opportunity to present SSVP in his own region. Ella Bitar, Mideast ITVP, gave a global presentation covering the blessings and difficulties occurring in the restless Mideast. Finally, she concluded in a message of hope she sees as continuity of the SSVP Mideast. She believes it is happening through the commitment of SSVP volunteers and youths, the training sessions given to SSVP members, leading definitely to an exceptional expansion of the SSVP.


Fundraising Dinner Event "صوتنا عبر إعلامنا"

Date: Thursday May 25, 2017
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort Beirut – Ballroom Waltz

As part of its efforts to rebuild SVP ruined church in Beirut's commercial center, the SSVP held a fundraising dinner event on Thursday May 25 2017 to honor the most prominent media personalities, Minister of Information Melhem Riachi, President of the Syndicate of Editors Elias Aoun, President of the Journalists Syndicate Awni Al-Kaaki, and President of Press Media Club Bassam Abu Zeid. The event was attended by prominent political and media personalities to support the Society and its mission.
Mrs. Ella Bitar, President of SSVP Lebanon, welcomed the attendees, especially the media professionals. "Without your voice our voice cannot reach everyone" she said, and described them as messengers of peace and noted their role in supporting SVP Church reconstruction project. Reminding everyone that it is not just a church but a center open for all and a symbol for Lebanon, she continued stressing on the need of wiping away the effects of war and destruction, and insisted that without media support, the project will not be achieved.
While receiving the honoring award, the Minister of Information, H.E Melhem Riachi, highlighted on the importance of SSVP and its role in today’s society humanitarianly, socially and culturally. He also announced that the decision to renovate the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul is taken, addressing everyone to help and contribute in making this decision a reality.
In the same spirit, Mr. Bassam Abu Zeid said that the Press Media Club will support SSVP project in any media service it requests of him. On the other hand, Mrs. Rima Sairafi received the honoring award on behalf of the President of the Syndicate of Editors Mr.Elias Aoun. Moreover, Mrs. May Chidiac received the honoring award on behalf of the President of the Journalists Syndicate Mr. Awni Alkaaki, and assured the affectionate and good work SSVP is achieving in Lebanon and called everyone to help and donate.

في إطار سعيها لإعادة إعمار كنيستها المهدّمة في الوسط التجاري في بيروت، أقامت الجمعيّة حفل عشاء، نهار الخميس في 25 أيار 2017، لتكريم أبرز الشخصيّات الإعلاميّة، وزير الإعلام ملحم رياشي، ورئيس نقابة المحرّرين الياس عون، ورئيس نقابة الصحافيّين عوني الكعكي، ورئيس نادي الصحافة الإعلاميّ بسّام أبو زيد. وقد حضر الحفل شخصيّات سياسيّة وإعلاميّة بارزة لدعم الجمعيّة والإصرار على رسالتها.
رحّبت رئيسة الجمعيّة إيلّا بيطار بالحاضرين، خصوصًا الإعلاميّين منهم. وقالت "أنَّهُ بدونِ صوتِكم لا صوتَ لنا". ووصفت الإعلاميّين برسل السّلام ونوّهت بدورهم في دعم مشروع ترميم الكنيسة لأن المبنى ليس كنيسة فقط بل مركزًا لجميع الناس ورمزًا للبنان. وشدّدت على ضرورة محو آثار الحرب والدّمار، وأصرّت أنه من دون دعم الإعلام المشروع لن يتحقّق وللإعلام قوّة كبيرة وصوته يصل للجميع..
وأكّد وزير الإعلام ملحم رياشي، أثناء تسلّمه الدرع التكريميّ، على أهميّة دور الجمعيّة إنسانيًّا وإجتماعيًّا وثقافيًّا. وأعلن أن قرار إعادة ترميم كنيسة مار منصور دي بول اتّخذ. وطلب من الجميع المساعدة والمساهمة..
كذلك الإعلامي بسّام أبو زيد صرّح أن نادي الصحافة سيدعم مشروع الجمعيّة عبر أي خدمة إعلاميّة تطلب منه. وعلى صعيد آخر، استلمت الإعلامية ريما صيرفي الدرع التكريمي بالنيابة عن رئيس نقابة المحرّرين الياس عون. كما استلمت الإعلاميّة مي شدياق الدرع التكريمي بالنيابة عن رئيس نقابة الصحافيّين عوني الكعكي، وأكّدت على عطاء وعمل الخير في الجمعيّة، ودعت الجميع للمساعدة والتبرّع


Mr Vincent Open Door Event

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Newsletter Ozanam Network N° 1 - March 2017 Edition


Un rai de lumière en Égypte

A short reflection by Ella Bitar, ITVP Mideast, after her visit to SSVP Egypt in March 2017.

Download PDF file in Arabic
Download PDF file in French

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Global Training in SSVP Lebanon

As announced at the General Assembly in June 2016, the Council General International (CGI) finalized the Global Training Sessions available to all Vincentians. SSVP Lebanon has started with the Global Training sessions after translating the documents to Arabic. Sessions started on Wednesday March 29, and will be spread over 7 months including separate sessions for the SSVP Youth Members. Conferences being spread all over Lebanon, 4 different locations are available making it easier for them to attend.
The aim is to give all members of the SSVP an identical and consistent message, without subjective interpretation, but being filled with the spirit of the Society and describing the way it works internally.

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The President General's Circular Letter

Brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, issues his first Circular Letter which is the means by which President Generals have traditionally communicated directly with members of the Society, beloved members of Conferences, throughout the world inviting them to reflect on key topics.

The Circular Letter has five parts: “Introduction”, “Agenda of the General Council”, “Recommendations to Vincentians”, “2017 - Year dedicated to Bailly” and “Conclusion”.

Download PDF file in English
Download PDF file in French
Download PDF file in Arabic


The Vincentian Family celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism

As our Vincentian Family marks the 400th Anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism, we celebrate this historic moment in our lives. It is a two-fold moment of grace for all the daughters and sons of the Vincentian Movement.
Stay tuned for more celebratory events to come!

Christmas Message of the President General for the year 2016

Watch the Video in English:

Watch the Video in Spanish and French:


CIG Newsletter - Christmas 2016 Edition


SSVP National Congress 2016

The Congress will be held on November 12 & 13 at Deir Saydet El Bir – Bekannaya with addresses by significant speakers.

Looking forward for this special gathering to strengthen the role of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Lebanon.


The Blue Santa Operation

Find the Christmas Socks in MEDCO Stations and Share your Joy by Donating your Toys.

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