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Conference Saint Thomas d’Aquin – Achrafieh

Conference Saint Thomas d’Aquin was established in 1925 in Achrafieh. Members meet in the Convent of the Vincentian Fathers Achrafieh.

Aggregation date: 29/03/1926

Twinned with: Conference Saint Pierre d’Ancenis - France

Phone number: +961 3 663 433


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Conference Saint Georges – Badaro

Conference Saint Georges was established in 1896 in Badaro. Members meet in their premises in Our Lady of Angels Church - Badaro.

Aggregation date: 05/12/1898

Phone number: +961 3 604 650


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Conference Saint Joseph – Ras El Nabeh

Conference Saint Joseph was established in 1862 in Downtown Beirut. Members meet at the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Syriacs - Beirut.

Aggregation date: 15/06/1863

Twinned with: Conference Saint Julien, Saint Martin - Tours

Phone number: +961 3 610 225


Facebook:Saint Vincent De Paul- Conference St. Joseph. Beyrouth.

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