The Confederation of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, the International Council General, has adopted a logo and recommended it to the Society in every country. The National Council of Lebanon has adopted the following logo:


The fish is the symbol of Christianity and, in this case, represents the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
The eye of the fish is the vigilant eye of God seeking to help the poor in our midst.

The crossing at the tail or the tie-knot represents unity and oneness among members and also the union with the poor.

The circle bounding the logo signifies the global or worldwide stature of the SSVP, an international Society.

The words “servir dans l’espoir” mean to serve in hope, the hope that comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ.


This anthem has been inspired by our faith in the Vincentian mission and it reflects the spirit of collegiality which animated our founders.

A Light is Shining

Anthem Lyrics

1st Part
A light is shining
in the skies of Paris
And all at once, spreading
and taking root
In my heart
Faith and love
Enthuse my vocation
In Christ the Lord
Spreading love
to all, in community,
To help and to serve
Those who are poor
Jesus is there with us
Gazing and smiling

2nd Part
This blessed light
is shining down
On the poor and suffering
It is Christ who said so
Live the mission
Serving with love
Seeking salvation
Such is the taste of life
Practising charity
Through a network of fraternity
To help and to serve
Those who are poor
Jesus is there with us
Gazing and smiling

Performed by: Clave de Fa
Orch. Voices: Cesar Garcia-Rincon
On the occasion of the 2010 International General Assembly

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