SSVP Conferences

The SSVP Conference present in public life like a yeast of charity, is a community of lay people committed to serving the poor to:

* Live the Gospel*
* In friendship, sharing and enthusiasm*
*Finding solutions to fight against the causes of poverty (now called systemic change).*

The visible unifying link within the Society is the Aggregation of the Conferences and the Institution of the Councils declared by the Council General. By tradition, the full legitimate status of belonging to the Society is obtained through the official aggregation of Conferences and institution of Councils granted by the Council General of the Society.

Conferences and Councils help others in need, both at the national and international level. This direct link between two Conferences or Councils, consisting of sharing prayer, a profound friendship and material resources, is called Twinning. This activity contributes to world peace and to understanding and cultural exchange among people.

In 1977, the twinning formula was adopted between SSVP Council & Conferences in Lebanon & foreign countries, specially in France.



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