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“Take even more care of the education of the young people entrusted to you than if they were the children of a king.” Saint John Baptist de Lasalle

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul helps with the education of needy children by facilitating their access to some schools, funding their scholarships or even by managing some schools that serve disadvantaged youth and orphans.

Financial aids to schools. It consists of helping with part of the tuition fees, purchase of books and supplies.


Saint Vincent de Paul School – Burj Hammoud

The school was founded year 1861 in Beirut, demolished during the 1975-1990 war and moved to be part of the Frederic Ozanam Socio-Educational Center Burj Hammud in 1992.
Saint Vincent de Paul School is a free primary school for 575 children from Nursery to Sixth Grade, managed by the “Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes”.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30 – 14:30

Phone number: +961 1 510 765


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Étoile du Berger Nursery – Zouk Mikhael

Since 1994, Étoile du Berger Nursery welcomes 45 children aged 1-3 years.
These little minds will be the society of tomorrow and by instilling love and joy in their hearts, we hope to get them out of their poverty, turning them into responsible adults, independent and fervent believers.
Not only are the fees symbolic. But in taking care of their children during the day, mothers are capable of finding a job and earn additional income to support their families.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00 – 17:00

Phone number: +961 9 214 398

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Rosalie Rendu Nursery – Batroun

Rosalie Rendu Nursery welcomes 27 children aged 1-3 years, where the concepts of camaraderie, sharing, group spirit and courtesy are carefully seeded in those little minds. We water these seeds and watch them with patience and care, while mothers are free to choose a job to assist their families.
The daycare fees are nominal, however being a financial support for Ozanam’s Care Home.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 15:00

Phone number: +961 6 642 592

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Music School – Aindket

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul encourages the practice of music among young people who love music but cannot afford its learning cost. Saint Maron Church allocates a room for Conference Saint Challita to give solfege exercises and music lessons in piano, organ, and zither to around 40 students.

Opening hours:
Saturdays: 15:00 – 18:00 winter time
Wednesdays: 15:00 – 18:00 summer time

Phone number: +961 3 439 480


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Vocational training in Sewing – Jounieh

Since 2012 Tuesdays for 2 hours, 5 weeks complete a session, 5-10 students.

Vocational training in English Language, Computer Skills, Beauty Courses, Plastic Arts & Crafts – Jounieh
Since 2011, am sessions, 90 students

Phone number: +961 9 935 471


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Vocational training in Beauty Courses – Burj Hammud

Since 1996, young and adult students come to take beauty courses in facials, nail care, foot care, waxing and threading. These training lessons enable them to acquire occupational skills and return to the job market. Each session is open for 10-12 students who are given a certificate by the end of the selected beauty course.

Opening hours: Wednesday & Friday: 11:00 – 13:00

Phone number: +961 70 924 489


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Vocational training in Computers – Zahle

In 2013, the Conference of the Sacred Heart dedicated a room for training in computers, at their premises in Zahle. Classes open on Saturdays to welcome 10-12 students, who achieve their computer training course after attending 4 consecutive Saturday classes.

Phone number: +961 8 802 356


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